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Home Energy Audits With Green Step Systems

Sometimes known simply as HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning are extremely important to a home's comfort, efficiency and safety. When we perform an energy audit or assessment on a home, we are looking at how air and heat move throughout the living spaces. When we notice areas that handle your heat or air ineffectively, we recommend measures to help you gain control.

The first step to gaining control is sealing up air leaks and ensuring that insulation is effective across the entire thermal barrier to the outside. Once a home's envelope is sealed and insulated we focus on the mechanical side of things--the home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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Interactive Security Systems by Green Step

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Who does not want to lower energy costs? Lower energy costs means surplus funds which can be used for other things you want or need. In order for you to lower your energy costs, you need to lower your consumption. Some people argue however that lowering your energy consumption will translate to less comfort for you and for your family. This is not necessarily true. You can lower energy consumption by removing any energy-wasting elements.

In order to find out where your energy usage is going to waste, you need to run a home energy audit. An energy audit is essentially an inspection of how energy flows and is used in a home, taking into consideration factors that can be addressed to improve energy efficiency in cooling and heating.

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Green Step For Energy Star Certification

When it comes to lowering your energy consumption, there is no better way than having your home fitted with the best heating and cooling solution systems available in the market today. Normally, when your environment reaches an undesirable temperature, you would rely on your home appliances, such as your electric fans, air conditioning units, heaters, and the like, to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. However, it is still within your knowledge that using these machines too much will lead to higher energy costs, and that is a situation you really hate to be in.

It is true that with the help of the various heating and cooling solution systems, you would not need to sacrifice your comfort just to lower your energy consumption; but the fact of the matter is that installing these types of equipment is not simple or easy. So, before the professionals even begin to place the machines or materials in your property, your building must first undergo a process called energy analysis.

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Commercial Green Step System by Green Step
About Green Step

Green Step is proud to be a participating contractor in the Maryland Home Performance with Energy Star program, sponsored by the Maryland Energy Administration, and part of the emPOWER Maryland initiative which seeks to reduce energy use by 15% per person by 2015. In 2010, the company also has received approval as a full service participating contractor for the Pepco Home Performance with Energy Star program.

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Home energy costs are a major growing expenditure in family budgets. These regressive costs create financial pressure for middle income homeowners, in particular, because they are already struggling with mortgages. A cost-effective one-time home retrofit can save families at least 25% on their energy bills, which equates to an annual stimulus of $500 per family into our local communities.

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