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Green Step is proud to be a participating contractor in the Maryland Home Performance with Energy Star program, sponsored by the Maryland Energy Administration, and part of the emPOWER Maryland initiative which seeks to reduce energy use by 15% per person by 2015.  In 2010, the company also has received approval as a full service participating contractor for the Pepco Home Performance with Energy Star program.

Green Step also is the ONLY contractor in Maryland to offer Tripolymer Foam Insulation, a highly efficient, economical thermal and acoustical foam-in-place insulation.  Architects have specified Tripolymer in schools, hospitals, universities, high-rise buildings, shopping centers and residential homes throughout the United States.  Tripolymer reduces energy loss, improves sound attenuation and, most importantly, increases the fire safety of many types of construction.  It also meets the new environmental standards since it does notuse or emit HCFC or hydrocarbons.


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