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Air-Sealing - Hidden Gaps and Cracks In Your Attic

These photos display an attic floor, once the old insulation has been cleared.

As we can see in the photos, there are substantial gaps between each section of drywall. On the interior side of the walls - the top-floor ceiling - these gaps are not visible, as they have been finished over with drywall compound and paper; however, they are still fairly porous, and allow heat to escape the home during the winter, and enter the home during the summer.

By air-sealing, we seek to address these gaps and close up this avenue of exchange with the outside elements. Using precision spray-foam applicators, a bead of spray foam is placed along each gap, seam, and electrical penetration. While the individual air-tightness gained from sealing each of these gaps is relatively small by itself, over the whole attic, these gaps add up to allow for a surprising amount of interior conditioned air (heated or cooled) to escape.

Air sealing photo 1
Air sealing photo 2