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Jim is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. Thank you!

"Green Step completed a comprehensive and detailed energy audit of our home this past October. Jim McKenna’s "detective-work" uncovered opportunities that I wouldn't expect many similar companies would have taken the time to find. In particular, I appreciated Jim’s work in locating the significant "voids" situated on either side of the master bedroom walk-in closet. As Jim knows, due to the design of our home, these voids were almost impossible to find; however his persistence in uncovering these hidden cavities resulted in transforming our master bedroom and bathroom from two of the coldest (located over the garage) to two of the most-comfortable rooms in our home.
I also am grateful for Jim’s guidance and advice that permitted me to be able to complete several of the smaller initiatives myself, while leaving the more difficult tasks to Green Step. I believe Jim’s dedication to getting the job done right shows a level of commitment that few companies are willing to make today. Having now gone through one of the coldest and snowiest Decembers on record, it is a pleasure to report that our home is significantly more comfortable - and as evidenced by December's Washington-Gas bill, the cost for heating our home has significantly decreased as compared to the previous ten-years December's gas-bills."

-- Bill Hunter, Gaithersburg, MD