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Benefits of Your Home Energy Assessment in Maryland & DC Metro Areas

Benefits of Your Home Energy Assessment in Maryland & DC Metro Area

Home-Owner Savings

Home energy costs are a major growing expenditure in family budgets. Benefits of Your Home Energy Assessment in Maryland & DC Metro Area These regressive costs create financial pressure for middle income homeowners, in particular, because they are already struggling with mortgages. A cost-effective one-time home retrofit can save families at least 25% on their energy bills, which equates to an annual stimulus of $500 per family into our local communities.

Better Health

Improving home performance has the added benefit of simultaneously improving indoor air quality. This improved indoor air quality significantly impacts inhabitants' health and productivity--lowering health care costs.

Greater Comfort

Green Step provides a solution that improves home owner's comfort while at the same time reducing energy use.

Climate Change

Over 21% of US carbon emissions come from our homes. Fortunately, there is tremendous potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions through cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that are ready for immediate deployment. Achieving a 25% reduction in home energy consumption is a feasible and cost-effective objective for most homes.

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Clean Grid

The rapid return on investment (ROI) from very cost-effective energy efficiency measures affords us the ability to invest in the more costly renewable energy technologies that are necessary to build a clean grid. Large-scale deployment of renewable energy will be made economically sustainable by a combination of high ROI energy efficiency with more costly clean generation. The blending of these will achieve a rate that is cost competitive with grid energy while requiring far fewer subsidies.

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