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Blower Door Testing in Maryland & DC Metro Areas

Blower Door Testing in Maryland & DC Metro Areas

Sometimes, practicing good energy saving habits, such as switching off appliances that are not in use, unplugging electronic devices from their sockets, and timing yourself when using these items, is not enough to lower your energy consumption. When your energy cost is climbing, even if you are doing your best to consume less power, it is time to look less on your actions, and put more focus on your home’s structure.

Air can enter and escape from cracks, leaks, and tiny spaces within your own home. If these cavities are not immediately sealed, the chances of uncomfortable air being present in your property will be significantly higher. When that happens, you are forced to rely on your cooling and heating appliances to keep your home temperate during the seasons of extreme heat or cold, thus, consuming more energy than what you have intended to use.

Blower Door Testing

Here, at Green Step, we have the experience and materials that can immediately aid you with your energy saving woes. By simply insulating any space of your home, you will be able to consume less energy, and at the same time, reduce the chances of mold and mildew appearing in your property.

However, the whole insulation process is easier said than done. That is why, to make the process easier and faster, we subject each property to a home energy audit and blower door test, to determine what type of insulation is best used for this situation, and where it should be installed.

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What is a Blower Door Test?

To check if your home has any air leaks, a blower door test will be administered. A blower door is a powerful fan that is mounted to an exterior door’s frame. Once it is switched on, the fan will pull air out of the house–lowering the air pressure inside. When this happens, higher outside air pressure will flow out of all the unsealed cracks and opening in your home, which will be marked by the auditors. By going through this test, the auditors can determine the air infiltration rate of your home.

How to Prepare of a Blower Door Test

In order for the test to be a success, you must prepare your home by following these simple steps:

  • Put out all fires
  • Do a full walk-through of your home with the auditor
  • Close all exterior doors and windows, but open all interior doors
  • Close any fireplace dampers, doors, and woodstove air inlets

If you wish to have your homes professionally insulated, energy audited, and blow door tested in Delaware or Maryland, contact Green Step, by dialing: 301-758-2557 or by visiting our contact page.