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Home Energy Solutions in Myersville

Green Step offers home energy solutions to homeowners in Myersville that will make your home energy efficient and save you money. We will develop a specific plan for your home, but commonly recommended improvements for an energy-efficient home include:

Sealing Air Leaks and Adding Insulation

Sealing air leaks will make your home more comfortable and significantly reduce your energy bills. Many air leaks in homes are fairly obvious, such as windows, doors and electrical outlets. But other areas are even more significant sources of energy loss, such as attics, basements and recessed light fixtures.

Along with air sealing, we may recommend that you add insulation to improve home energy efficiency. Many older homes are not well-insulated, and some have no insulation at all. Even new homes frequently have improperly installed or missing insulation. Properly installed insulation in walls, floors, and attics evens out temperatures throughout the house; results in a quieter, more comfortable living environment that is easier to heat and cool; and yields significant cost savings as compared to improperly or non-insulated areas.

Improving Ductwork

Many homes have leaky ductwork and poor air flow, resulting in stuffy and uncomfortable rooms—regardless of the thermostat setting. Sealing and insulating ductwork can help solve this problem. We may recommend sealing ducts with mastic, durable foil-backed tape, or aerosol-based sealant; insulating ductwork in attics, crawlspaces and unconditioned basements; and/or balancing the duct system to optimize air flow to all rooms.

Improving Home Heating and Cooling Systems

If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, we may recommend that you replace it with a unit that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. Installed correctly, these high-efficiency units can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. When it comes to heating and cooling equipment, bigger is not always better. A properly-sized unit will make your home more comfortable by providing more consistent temperatures and better humidity control.

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Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances

Energy used for lighting and appliances can account for half of your home's total utility bill. As a result, we may recommend ENERGY STAR qualified products, such as energy-efficient refrigerators; dishwashers; clothes washers; light fixtures; and/or compact fluorescent bulbs. An energy and water-efficient hot water heating system may also be recommended.

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